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Dillon Amidas

Dillon Amidas



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Born and raised in San Francisco, California. Dillon is a big fan of sports in general but mostly,
when he is not working on new projects or watching the Lakers games, he is working on new
plays and methods to better his coaching craft. He has the compassion, love, and respect for the
sport which we all love to play and watch, which is volleyball. Dillon’s volleyball coaching
career started March 2009 through 2011 where he was coaching recreational volleyball to 7th & 8th graders. Later that year he started coaching at Xplosion volleyball club in Tracy, California
for about 3 years and his responsibilities were training the 17-1’s and 18-1’s by providing technical,
support and efficient feedback to the team.

He coordinated, trained, and conducted fundamental volleyball mechanics and techniques, skill drills for individual players and team. Dillon graduated from school at Cal State East Bay with a degree in Finance and has a Masters in Accounting.

He played collegiate level volleyball for the University of British Columbia for about a year until he
came back to finish his studies at Cal State East Bay while playing basketball for them. This is where he got offered to coach again for Bay to Bay Volleyball Club in Campbell, California where he was in charge of the Individual player development, team training, game management and administration duties while being the head coach of 16’s Elite, 17’s Elite, and Assistant Coach 18’s National Team. He finished coaching with this club for about 2 years in June 2013-2015, then he moved to another club which was in Mountain View, California. Mountain View Volleyball Club offered him to assist in developing the training schedule for each player and team. He was also responsible for assisting in assembling competitive teams and creating competitive team coaching staffs.

In San Antonio, Dillon coached at SA Krush for one year we he moved to Texas and now is in his second season at Force (coaching 18 National and now 13 Darkside!

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