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Year at a Glance


Tryouts, summer camps, clinics, leagues and open gyms! June is spent getting ready for club tryouts, First week of July is club tryouts, then the rest of July is getting ready for school tryouts.


Thanksgiving camps, Christmas camps, New Years camps. Club season start the weekend after Thanksgiving but when the girls get off of school there is plenty of time for extra training.


School is in full swing, so many players have busy schedules. We offer clinics for the younger age groups and camps for all age groups.


Club is in full season and everyone is usually gone on the weekends for tournaments. Spring break camps are extremely popular and as local teams end in late April clinics and leagues start to appear in May.

What's going on now

What's going on now

Training Types


Camps are designed to deliver maximum impact in 2-5 days and range from total beginner camps all the way up to college prep camps.


Leagues are mini temporary teams that are assembled to allow the girls to compete over a span of 2 months or so under the guidance of an experienced coach.

Private Lessons

Having constant feedback and focusing on individual needs can be a valuable addition to your training regimen. One on one lessons can be with any coach of your choice.


Clinics are usually held once or twice a week and can continue for months. You can pay for a series or sign up for individual days. We have both skill and position clinics.

Open Gyms

Open gyms are casual and without coaches. The girls can come in and assemble themselves and play games against each other for fun.

Group Lessons

Small groups of players often assemble under a coach to develop their skills at a more affordable price while still allowing a much greater amount of coaching feedback.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Getting Started

Contact the desired coach for your private volleyball lessons (Coaches will be responsible for keeping their own availability and times they will be available in the gym)

The Coach will coordinate gym time/payment of gym space with Force Sports Center. You may also rent your own court at

Private volleyball lessons are held at:


Located at 7218 N. Loop 1604 E., and they can be scheduled directly with the desired coach.

For more information on SA Force and our club volleyball teams, please use our online contact form, or give us a call at 210-323-0181



If you live in San Antonio, or one of the many surrounding Central Texas cities, the official SA Force gym, FORCE SPORTS CENTER is easily accessible directly off 1604.

If you are interested in receiving private volleyball lessons from the coaches at the SA Force, the following staff members and coaches offer private lessons. They can be contacted at the following e-mail addresses or via their staff profile:

Recommended Coaches:

Evan Case-

Megan Montalvo -

Jordan Holub - 

Nicole Junell -

Gina Hunter - CLICK HERE to book Gina

Shelby Cox - UIW Asst -

Jacque Biery –

Nikki Cueva -

Shavonne Respondek

Felicia Laryea -

Ashley Doeringer -

Howard Wallace –

Amanda Albiar -

**Contact our office for other lesson coaching options OR visit our staff page on this website in order to check out other coaches with our club and contact them.


Name / Age
Date / Time


Request: PRIVATE or Up To 2/3 additional players

**Coaches will secure court rental directly with facility


Solo Lesson——$100 each

Duet Lesson——$50 each

Trio Lesson——$40 each

*lesson or workout of 4 or more players is considered a clinic and requires additional planning by position, and pricing is set by individual coaches*


The benefits to signing up for private volleyball lessons are tremendous, but some of the most common benefits that players see from adding private lessons to their routine include:

Fine Tune Your Skills:

Private volleyball lessons really give a player the extra attention to fine tune their talents and skills, while turning weaknesses into strong points. One-on-one private coaching increases an athlete’s ability to reach their full potential, while targeting weaker areas on the court, and improving those areas by targeting a plan specifically made for the player.

Prepare For School Teams:

Maintain your skill level and keep your body in tip top shape for the time that your school’s volleyball season comes around. Our coaches provide inspiration and motivation that not only push players, but also help instill confidence in their game. When returning to your school’s volleyball team, you will not only be more than ready when you hit the court for the first practice, but also for your first competitive game!

Position Training:

With the various positions found in volleyball, every player is trained differently, based on their position on the court. Not only is every player different, due to their own strengths and weakness, but each position varies. By combining training for both the player’s individual talents + fine tuning their position on the court, our private volleyball lessons are perfectly catered to give you the highest increase in your game.

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