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A process designed
to be fair.

Removing the bias

Our coaches don't pick teams

Instead of a single coach choosing who they want on a team, an entire panel of coaches watch the skill based drills at the beginning of the tryout and rate player contacts on a 1-5 scale. These points are then added up and handed off to our age group directors who begin assembling groups of athletes to compete in real game like scenarios. Once pools of athletes are formed with similar skill levels, our administration begins to form rosters for each of our teams based on the scores accumulated during evaluations.


How we score

For our players age 14 and under we evaluate all the major skills. After 15, we begin to evaluate skills more specifically by position - for example a backrow player won't have to worry about having to block. Skill evaluation accounts for 50% of their score during tryouts.

The remaining 50% of their score is from an evaluation of how developed their game IQ is - like how well they understand what is going on around them.


Pre-register online


OPEN CLUB TRYOUTS for the 2024-2025 Club season have opened for registration!


Each age group (11's-18's) has Open Tryouts and also has Early tryouts (in the event you cannot make Open Tryouts) .


Early Tryouts 

11-14's - June 17th (5:30-7:30p)

15-18's - June 17th (7:30-9:30p)

Open Tryouts

11-12's - June 26th (6:00-8:00p)

13-14's - June 26th (8:00-10:00p)

15's - July 12th (2:00-5:00p)

16's - July 12th (9:00a-12:00p)

17/18's - July 12th (6:00-8:00p)

Email our Executive Director at with questions!

Show up early

You want to show up at least 20 minutes early to finish the paperwork, turn in your insurance card, and get your tryout number to pin to your daughters shirt.

The director will meet with ALL parents and players to review expectations for the tryout with everyone prior to evaluations beginning.

Positions on teams are offered to all players at the end of the OPEN TRYOUTS. Any who attend Early tryouts will be evaluated and compared and selected during OPEN TRYOUTS with all of those attendees.

There are times when positions are extended prior to OPEN TRYOUTS.

LATE tryout dates

Most of our National teams usually fill up at our June/July tryouts, but we have options if you have missed our Summer tryouts!

There are always spots open or new teams created after tryouts.

We continue to offer tryouts throughout the summer and fall to fill open spots with the club. Dates and times of LATE tryouts are:

Late tryouts will take place beginning in July. We will offer late tryouts only for openings on teams not filled at Open Tryouts.

Late Tryouts

7/12 - 11-14's - 6-8p

7/15 - 11-18's - 3-5p

7/22 - 11-18's - 3-5p

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